On the hottest day in summer, Abby Normal dumped 300 leeches into a very crowded swimming pool. If each leech was able to drain exactly 1.5 ounces of blood, how many ounces of blood were drained in total?

450 ounces of blood
During the Great Stomping of 3218, a troop of trolls stepped and leveled 42 gnome villages. If each village had 37 stone huts, how many gnome huts did the troll troop stomp into rubble in total?

1,554 stomped huts
Crossing the Sands of Silence is so quiet that Igor can hear the thump of his beating heart and buzzy twang of his nerves firing. If it takes 19 hours to cross the sands and he hears his nerves twang 21 times an hour, how many twangs does he hear in total?

399 twangs
A filthy pack of spherical goblins invades the town of Festering Pit to plunder and steal. But the hearty townfolk fight back! Each of the 412 people chase 4 goblins into the Slither River, where the goblins are swept downstream into Funk Swamp. In total, how many bobbing globular robbing goblins were sobbing in the bog?

1,648 goblins
Gary the Ghost can haunt two places every night. If he stays in the city of Dooooooom! for 13 days, how many places has he haunted?

26 haunted places